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A/C Entering my Sector below MVA

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Topic: A/C Entering my Sector below MVA
Posted By: Rhallanger
Subject: A/C Entering my Sector below MVA
Date Posted: 02 Jan 2019 at 3:58am
Today I had an aircraft flying south from ZAB Sector 16 just north of Double Eagle (KAEG).  The MVA for the area it was in was 8,400.  It was level at 6,000.   I accepted the handoff but as soon as the a/c touched my sector I got dinged for the aircraft flying below my MVA.

What is the best way to handle this problem.  I could refuse the handoff but is there any better alternative to that...

Posted By: AlanR
Date Posted: 02 Jan 2019 at 8:33am
This is a known bug that we are told is fixed in 1.1.21.  If you're OK getting dinged for busting the MVA, you can just climb him and continue, but what I usually do is just make him disappear by clicking the target with the scroll wheel (middle-click).  I justify sending him to the twilight zone because it's a bug.


Posted By: Tom@FlagMountain
Date Posted: 06 Jan 2019 at 3:36pm
That MVA bust bug is caused by an incorrect facility altitude at Los Alamos.  Known issue, and will be fixed in 21.  Just zap him for now.



Tom Murdock
Flag Mountain Software
ATCpro Project Team

Posted By: JimOrlando
Date Posted: 06 Jan 2019 at 4:53pm
This happens occasionally in the southeast corner of TYS, with flights heading to KMOR. The MVA for the sector is 8,000. When they first appear (outside the sector at handoff) they are at 8,000 but then start decending. If you do nothing you get dinged, but I found that issuing "...maintain 8,000." on first contact works, and you don't get dinged for altitude change outside the sector. You might try that. (Commander 123A, Albuquerque Approach, expect runway 4, maintain 8,400.)

Posted By: wheniwasinspace
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2019 at 10:06am
I have a hackish solution to this. It doesn't resemble real world operations but it works in the game.

Accept the hand off ASAP.
do a point out

C16*<slew> (if it's from sector 16. I can't remember atm)

Once you can control him make him do a 360 or head 350 while climbing to 9000).

Clear direct ABQ.

once he enteres your airspace he will be above the MVA and you won't have points deducted.

The AI controller of C16 might choke on his/her coffee or stroke out and if the singularity finds out how you treats AI you might have problems later in life though... :)

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