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Departing Yellow Flashers

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Topic: Departing Yellow Flashers
Posted By: aambury
Subject: Departing Yellow Flashers
Date Posted: 12 Dec 2018 at 12:10pm
Okay, Miami Approach North Sector.

 I'm controlling inbound traffic, the outbound flash Yellow - why?

I click on the outbounder and it stops flashing but remains Yellow..

Can someone enlighten me please?


Posted By: Aryto
Date Posted: 12 Dec 2018 at 4:10pm
Those yellow data tags are "point outs" from the departure controller, normally done because they expect the aircraft will transit through your airspace, but remain under their control. You'd have to vector your aircraft (the white tags) around them to prevent conflicts since the yellow ones are not under your control but may be inside your airspace.

A note: if you slew (click) them again a couple times, you can turn them back to green.

Posted By: Jsabot
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2018 at 10:48am
Yep, a yellow tag flashing is a request for a pointout from another controller. In order to approve the pointout, you need to click the data tag. What this means is that as soon as you click on that tag, you are allowing (approving the point out) that controller put that plane in your airspace, which means you are responsible for seperating that aircraft from all of your aircraft. 

in the real world, you must also contact the controller in which airspace you are requesting a pointout and verbally acknowledge, and the requesting controller always tells the other where the aircraft exactly will go through the airspace, which takes all the guess work out of it. in ATCPro, however, you might F10 D Slew to find out where he is going, but that might not always be accurate.

From the 7110:

Posted By: aambury
Date Posted: 31 Dec 2018 at 5:03pm
Thanks guys excellent 


Posted By: bill3810
Date Posted: 02 Jan 2019 at 12:36pm
I was getting a bunch of Point Outs all the time from the HEDLY and HITAG departures.  I went into the DB and looked at altitudes for KAINS, HITAG CIMBA and FORKK and no restrictions really.  So for the HITAG1 DEP i put 07000B for HITAG &  KAINS and 07000A for FORKK.

For the HEDLY1 DEP I put 05000B for CIMBA and 06000B for FORKK.

Now there is separation at Fork for the 2 crossing departures and no more is DEP asking for point outs.

Posted By: kruel
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2019 at 1:34am
Be careful with those point outs. In the real world you'd speak with the other controller who would tell about his plan for the aircraft: speed, altitudes, vectors. If you accept a point out, you're responsible for vectoring your aircraft around it. Since we don't get that information here, the point out aircraft is literally an unpredictable variable. You can usually guess which SID it's departing along, and you can sort of eyeball a likely range of altitudes, but you don't really know. On Miami North Approach, the point outs will travel through the HILEY STAR lane if you accept them. If you type UN (meaning "unable") and slew the flashing yellow target, you'll indicate to the other controller that he can piss off, and he will keep his traffic within his own airspace.

You can use this the other way, too, to travel your aircraft through some other guy's airspace. Very useful if you're neighbor is slow and you're busy.

Posted By: Salad
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2019 at 4:12pm
I think you mean pass off....Smile

Posted By: bill3810
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2019 at 2:43am
No he got it right he first time :-)

Posted By: Salad
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2019 at 8:21pm
Oh yes, so I see....LOL

Posted By: aambury
Date Posted: 07 Jun 2019 at 11:43am
How do I point out to another controller?


Posted By: JimOrlando
Date Posted: 08 Jun 2019 at 7:40am
To point out to another controller type the two letter position you want to point out to (for example, 1D to point out to Miami north departure), then the splat (shift-8) and slew the target you are pointing out. A yellow "po" will flash next to the data tag indicating the point out is pending. When accepted, the target will turn yellow.

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